For damaged, thinning or hair loss concerns we highly recommended an overnight conditioning treatment 2 times a week. For general hair health and maintenance, oiling for 1-2 hours before a shower is sufficient. 

For spot care, apply a few drops of the serum to areas of concern and massage into the scalp for a few minutes. 

For full head care, apply 2-3 droppers into your hand , warm by rubbing palms together and massage into the overall scalp ,ending down the shaft and tips of your hair. 

Can be used as an after shower heat protectant. 1-2 drops is sufficient depending on your hair length and thickness. Avoid applying close to the scalp when used as a heat protectant.

Matriarch is a Doctor formulated formula designed with your needs in mind. Our ingredients are of the highest quality and extractions , packed with nutrient and antioxidant support for a healthy scalp and vibrant hair.The biochemical profiles of the botanical oils have been supported in research studies to address scalp and hair conditions in a manner that is safe, effective and reliable. 

We strongly believe in the ritual of hair oiling and its benefits , however as with any other condition regarding the health of your body, we strongly recommend consulting with your healthcare professional to rule out any other factors that’s causing you to experience changes to your scalp and hair. No matter the cause, hair oiling should always be a staple part of your hair care routine unless contraindicated.

For changes to the texture and shine, this can be seen in a couple of weeks. With regards to improving hair growth and breakage, we recommend you give yourself 3-6 months. Results vary on multiple factors such as diet, lifestyle, hormonal fluctuations ,medical conditions and especially stress. For the best experience , we highly recommend that you take an overall approach to reviving the health of your hair. 

As with any new product that you try, we always recommend doing a patch test on your skin to rule out any sensitives prior to use. Always read the ingredients in the formula before going ahead with your purchase if you are aware of current allergies/sensitivities. Coconut oil is the only nut oil present in our formulation. If you do experience a reaction from a patch test, please refrain from using the product. 

We do not recommend application on your eyelashes. Applying a minute amount to your eyebrows is safe to do so as long as it’s done responsibly. Our formulation follows the recommendations and guidelines by the International Fragrance Association (IFRA). The essential oils used in our formula follows the recommended dermal limits and is therefore safe to use on the skin. 

Absolutely, we do recommend waiting 1-2 weeks after coloring your hair beore continuing your hair oiling ritual. 

Yes , 7 years and above. At age 7 is when it is safe to use certain essential oils in our formula, on a child. Even though natural products are safe, you should always take caution when using it on young kids. Speak with your healthcare professional should you have any concerns. 

We do not recommend use in women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. The research is still unclear as to the safety of essential oils in this group of women and how it affects breast milk. 

If the packaging is not opened, we will gladly provide you with a full refund of the product including HST and shipping costs. You will be responsible for the cost of shipping it back to us. Please contact us via the website prior to any returns. 


Please note that this is not a medical treatment for hair loss and scalp conditions. MATRIARCH is designed to improve the health of your scalp and by doing so, it improves the health of your hair. Results vary per individual but we are confident in MATRIARCHS ability to help you in your hair revival journey